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Driven by our Innovative ATS Wick Algo Candlesticks

Pre Built Scanners and Alerts Looking for Retracements to our Cloud Yellow Line Levels

Proprietary Daily Inflection Points representing the Last 10 Trading Days
Proprietary Daily Inflection Points representing the Last 10 Trading Daysding layer
Proprietary Daily Inflection Points representing the Last 10 Trading Days
STS Force Reversal is only Triggered with Extreme Shifts in Pressure
Cloud Levels are the Key to the Next Setup

The last Twist is the hint to the Higher Probability of the Direction

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The Clouds provide the likely Inflection and Consolidation Areas
If the Price Action reacts to the Level you have a possible Trade
If there is no reacts you wait for the Next Setup
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What our Charts Indicate - High Probability Trading Setups with our Innovative Inflection Points

You can create the same Charts and Trading Setups with any Symbol Watch List for Day Trading or Swing Trading - Stocks or Futures

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